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Hopefully, we have covered all of your questions on the website, but if you need more information, please email us at info@b3player.com.
What is the issue frequency?
B3 Player Magazine is a bi-monthly (one issue every-other-month) eSubscription magazine. There are six issues per year.
What is an eSubscription?
B3 Player provides instant online viewing and downloading of all B3 Player issues, articles, mp3s and midis for registered eSubscribers. All issues and articles are in Pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.
What do eSubscriptions cost?
A single issue eSubscription is $9.95 USD (1 issue)
A one year eSubscription is $54.95 USD (6 issues)
How do I subscribe?
Click the [eSubscribe] button at the top of the screen. Select one of the available eSubscriptions and add it to your shopping cart. B3 Player will accept payment through VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. After purchasing your eSubscription you will have IMMEDIATE access to all the issues, articles, mp3s and midis covered by your eSubscription.

Note that all account administration and support for eSubscription is done via email. Therefore, your email address must be current in your account information or your eSubscription will become INACTIVE.
How do I access eSub issues, articles, mp3s and midis?
In order to access eSub issues, articles, mp3s and midis you must be an ACTIVE eSubscriber and login. All eSubscription items are marked with an "eSub" graphic. If you are logged in, all eSub items in the issues that you have a subscription to will be accessible.

Public access is limited to few short articles, mp3s and midis in each issue not marked "esub" to allow you to sample the content in B3 player. Access to the full contents is only available to ACTIVE eSubscribers. So, don't wait, subscribe to the magazine that is "All B3 all the time!".
B3 Player accepts payment through VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.
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