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B3 Player Issue 003

April - May 2006



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Magazine Table of Contents
From The Editor
Here at B3 Player, we work hard to listen to our readers and we have gotten a lot of great feedback. One of the most consistent requests is for interviews. You readers want to meet the great players, hear about their music and gear. You will find five interviews in this issue.
eSub Musik Messe 2006
Spring is a great time of the year and Musik Messe 2006 took advantage by producing another exciting show. The big new news is the introduction of the Nord Stage Compact by Clavia which uses the waterfall keyboard of the Nord Electro. Most of the news deals with what excites gear hounds – SHIPPING! So here’s the scoop…
Playing - Bag o' Riffs
eSub Jimmy Smith "Hobo Flats" Riff   MP3 Midi
This riff from "Hobo Flats" was used a lot by Jimmy and is still used by all pros and aspiring organists.
eSub Tony Monaco II V I Riff   MP3 Midi
Most jazz standards and blues make heavy use of the harmonic progression called II/V7 (pronounced, “2, 5”) or II/V7/I (pronounced, “2, 5, 1”). So, in any serious study of jazz organ you will spend lots of time learning how to comp, play basslines, and to solo over the II/V7/I harmonic progression.
eSub Tony Monaco Chord Sputter Riff   MP3 Midi
Tony Monaco uses a technique where there are a few very quick chord stabs that feel like he is climbing a chord ladder at the speed of light then gently lands on the target chord. I have always wondered how players got this sound and whether they were playing actual chords or just “crushing” a set of convenient notes to get this effect.
eSub Tony Monaco Gospel Riff   MP3 Midi
Here is a classic Tony Monaco Gospel riff. The riff consists of a screaming intro run followed by some soulful gospel chords played over the, what else, bass pedals.
Playing - Organ Bassment
eSub Think Modularly, Play Swingingly!   MP3 Midi
Tired of playing the same basslines over and over? Scott Hawthorn will teach you some new two-measure bassline modules, and a way to put them together to achieve lines that are interesting, change direction, can be put-together while you play, and give a feeling of spontaneity.
Playing - Jazz Corner
eSub Comping and Soloing Tony Monaco Style   MP3 Midi
Tony has given us two excellent examples from which to learn. First, he gives us two verses of blues in F. The first verse is fairly straight forward, but the second verse is filled with reharmonizations that make it sound just great. The second example is an intermediate level solo (so the rest of us can give it a try) that captures some of the characteristics of Tony’s style.
Playing - Rock Corner
eSub Santana's "Europa"   MP3 Midi
To start off our new section call “Rock Corner” we go all the way back to 1976 and the album Amigos by Santana. This album takes a different path. There is a very strong influence from Tom Coster (keyboard / B3 player) who co-wrote almost all the songs on Amigos. We are going to focus on arguably the best song on the album, “Europa”.
Feature Article
eSub Tony Monaco Interview
Tony Monaco is truly a “B3 Renaissance Man". He is a jazz organist; an educator, a producer and a studio / record label owner. We sit down and talk about where Tony's been and where he is going.
eSub I'll Remember Jimmy Transcription   MP3 Midi
Tony gives us a special version of his song "I'll Remember Jimmy" from his CD East To West.
In The Studio
eSub Recording "Blue Bop LDB3 and Friends" at Columbus Sound
In 2004 Tony Monaco set about building a studio that would cater to jazz organ and keyboard artists. He named his studio Columbus Sound and located it on a four acre wooded area just north of Columbus in Galena, Ohio. We speak with Linda Dachtyl about her experience recording her first CD at Columbus Sound.
Gear - B3 Clones
eSub New Products and Updates
Hammond Suzuki announces the XM-2 Drawbar Sound Module. Clavia announces the V3.00 OS update for the Nord Electro. Native Instruments announces an update for the B4 II.
Gear - Tech Corner
eSub Refurbishing Vintage Organ Pedals
This issue we are starting a new Column called “Tech Corner”. In this column we will interview organ technicians about many topics related to the upkeep and refurbishing of vintage organs. In this first installment of this column we interview master technician Lonnie Smith.
Gear - Review
eSub Groove Tubes SFX 100 Stereo Keyboard Amplifier
Groove Tubes has come out with a new SFX 100 stereo keyboard amplifier that uses only one lightweight cabinet. The new amp uses a patented SFX circuitry that takes the left and right stereo input signals (from your keyboard) and maps them to front and side signals in such a manner to generate a 300 degree stereo field. The front and side channels are powered by 100 watts per channel. So, the question is can we get the Holy Grail – a powerful, great sounding stereo keyboard amp – out of a single lightweight cabinet?
New Releases
eSub Organic Vibes
B3 Player visits with Joey in Phoenix and discusses his newly released CD, Organic Vibes, on Concord Records.
eSub Blue Bop LDB3 and Friends
We sit down with Linda Dachtyl and discuss her first CD on Chicken Coop Records.
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